Holiday Gift Ideas 2015: For the Hostess

The BEST gift ideas for the hostess

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I thought I’d do a few holiday gift lists (all food and cocktail related, of course) to help kick off the season, so I decided to start it off with gifts for the hostess with pairings that are sure to please. My schedule is already starting to fill up with a few holiday parties and I love giving the host/hostess something fun and unexpected. If you or your host do not drink alcohol, these would still be great with a bottle of sparkling cider and/or a fun simple syrup (& you can make your own!). I’ll be posting more gift ideas in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout!

1. Lime Tree + Gin
I read about this gift combination a while back, and I still can’t get over how great I think it is (my parents even bought me a lime tree for myself after I told them about it!). I can think of about ten different people this would be perfect for – almost everyone loves gin + tonics.

2. Diamond Glasses + Rosé
Rosé wine is definitely one of my favorites lately – I always have a bottle chilling in the fridge. The shape of these glasses is so fun and go perfectly with the soft pink hue of a rosé.

3. Pineapple Tumblers + Vodka
Pineapples are known as a symbol of hospitality, and these brass tumblers would be a welcome addition to any home bar. Add a bottle of vodka so they can start serving cocktails in them right away.

4. Fun Coasters + Craft Beer
These are the least expensive items on the list, but it’s a great gift to have on hand for last minute get togethers. Pair a local craft beer with a festive set of coasters and you’ve got something that anyone would enjoy.

5. Magnolia Tree + Red Wine
I love giving a plant to someone as a way to show thanks, and a magnolia tree (I am a southerner, after all) says it in a big way. It’s a great gift for the holidays on its own, but a bottle of red wine complements it perfectly.


gin // rosé // vodka // craft beer // red wine

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