The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

PBR. The hipster beer of choice. I actually have never understood why hipsters get such a bad rap. I mean, I only listen to indie music, I take pride in my vinyl collection, and, hey, I like PBR, too!

I’ve always been pretty all over the board style and personality-wise, and I’m absolutely a-okay with that. In high school, I loved indie music and went to shows all of the time at a local music venue near downtown Columbia. But, I was the girl dressed in head-to-toe Abercrombie around a bunch of people who wore skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors, and had edgy haircuts. Instead of completely ditching my preppiness, I picked little things, like wearing band pins and wearing my belt backwards (it was cooler than it sounds), to incorporate into my style. Okay, well, there was this one time when my two best friends and I completely switched; they wore my preppy clothes, and I wore…skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors. Anyway, I’ve been like that for most of my life – I pick and choose a bunch of styles to create my own, so it’s hard to classify myself in one particular “genre”.

My incredibly long-winded point of all this is that I don’t want to get berated for naming this drink “hipster” when I sincerely mean it as a compliment; I have absolutely nothing against hipsters. In fact, I’m probably most definitely 1/16th hipster myself.

The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

This drink is definitely hip and ironic between the beer, the fancy gin (but feel free to use the cheap stuff, too… I won’t tell), and blood orange juice – which just happens to currently be the fruit of the season (just make sure it’s organic, k?).

Be forewarned, though: these are quick to make and go down even quicker, so when you’re whipping up your artisanal brown egg and locally grown spinach frittata for brunch while listening to Bon Iver, just pace yourself, okay?*

*This section is all tongue-in-cheek. I don’t want to get hate mail for it unless it’s snail mail, sent on vintage postcards.

The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

I probably should have just named this the blood orange beermosa and called it a day, but…too late. Behold, the hipster beermosa:

The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

1 can of PBR
1/2 oz Hendrick’s gin
Blood orange juice

In a large glass pour the beer in, followed by the gin. Fill to the top with blood orange juice. Garnish with a blood orange wedge.

The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

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One thought on “The Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice

  1. I think the more someone gets offended by being called a hipster, the more they are a hipster. It’s like the hipster litmus test. So, don’t worry about it. Seriously, I was in the same boat in high school. I used to wear dark eyeliner and band t-shirts and then all of a sudden got sick of it and switched to polo shirts. So sue me! Life’s too short to worry about labels.

    Oh, wait, were we supposed to be talking about a recipe!? I’m not a beer drinker by any stretch but I am a major blood orange fan. These will be an awesome summer refreshment!

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