Cherry Beer Slushies

cherry beer slushies

Lately, I’ve been really into beer cocktails. I love that you can mix liquor or liqueurs or even watermelon juice into them and get something really fantastic. To me, they’re the most refreshing drink and they’re something I crave when it gets warm out.

cherry beer slushies

As a kid, I loved Icees. I would beg my mom for one whenever we were shopping in Target, in the line for a movie, or just passing by a 7-11. I couldn’t get enough of them. If my brother and I were good, normally my mom would treat us to one, especially on a hot, summer day when school was out. While my brother would order a half blue/half red Icee, I was normally a purist and would order the old standby, cherry. Cherry has always been my favorite flavor of anything, so instead of getting an actual “cherry beer” to freeze, I wanted to create my own. I took a white beer just like I used here, added grenadine and cherry liqueur, froze it, and topped it with some more liqueur and a bit of lemonade. While not as sweet as a traditional cherry Icee, the result was a very grown up take on it that I’ll be sipping on all summer.

cherry beer slushies

Cherry Beer Slushies

2 white/wheat beers
2-3 Tbsp grenadine or maraschino cherry juice
2-3 Tbsp cherry liqueur

In a shallow dish that you can stick in your freezer, pour both beers in. Add the grenadine and the cherry liqueur to taste. Place in the freezer and come back every 30 minutes, scraping the crystals that have formed with a fork, for about 2-2 1/2 hours.

Using a spoon, take the slush and fill two glasses. Top with a little more cherry liqueur if desired and lemonade, to taste (they can be a little bitter, so you can counteract that with the sweetness of the lemonade). Serve immediately with some lime slices and cherries.

cherry beer slushies

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9 thoughts on “Cherry Beer Slushies

  1. So yummy and refreshing looking! I totally have childhood memories of getting Icee too! But for me, it wasn’t Target, it was every time I was dragged to Fedco with my parents. I hated going, but getting the Icee in the end made it worthwhile. Loved slurping on that thing.

    1. Thank you!! Haha! I know, I hated running those errands, but the best part was getting to get one of those Icees!!

  2. These would be super tasty with Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Fruit Ale in place of the Wit Bier for an extra cherry kick! Thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to try this!

    1. Hi, Sally! Wow, now THAT sounds great! I will have to look for that beer next time I’m at the market. I’m thinking that it may take away some of the slight bitterness that the White Beer has. I am super excited to try that! Thanks for the tip!

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